Conchobar Shortstone


Conchobhar Shortstone is a handsome, honey-tongued gnome who wears a foppish purple hat, an eye patch, and a white silk shirt, and carries a dandyish cane.

Prone to holding grudges, Athan started his relationship with Conchobar badly, by losing 5gp he didn’t have in a bet.

Conchobar can be persuaded easily if a female is extending intimate favors. His favorite expression is, “If you’re not female, then I’m not interested.” However, he is resigned to the Wormwood, and has been press-ganged like most others, so he tries to make the most of his circumstances. If a PC can set him up on a date with Rosie Cusswell, or a gnome or halfling with even slight feminine wiles, he will conditionally accept a friendship.

Otherwise, unless someone promises him riches, and puts the sack of coins in his hand to prove it (helps him win 100+ in gambling), chances of winning him over are slim indeed.

Currently, he doesn’t like the new group as they have cost him 105 gold and counting.

Conchobar Shortstone

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