Cut-throat Grok is a female half-orc who overseers the quartermaster’s shop on board the Wormwood. Grok tends to be fairly sour to most people, though she is friends with and drinks with Fishguts most nights. She has a foul mouth in casual conversation which worsens when she’s drunk (her hoarse laugh is a vulgar, uncivilized thing to hear) and she has a huge gash across her neck, which she gained as a child, …?

Friendly toward the party, and realizes she’s sticking her neck out by giving the captain’s property (the PC’s gear) away, but justifies it because it was “cursed” and the the captain wouldn’t want “cursed” items. If she finds something stolen from the store, she becomes suspicious of all crew members except Ambrose, which reduces her to neutral if she were already friendly. If she catches a thief red-handed, or proves who the thief who stole goods is, she becomes hostile for the rest of the campaign.

Cut-throat ultimately sides with her friend for life and cabin mate, Ambrose Fishguts.


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