Mister Plugg


First Mate of the pirate ship Wormwood, “Mister” Plugg is the one who supervises the press-ganged crew members, and assigns his man, Master Scourge to oversee maintain discipline, chores and punishments.

Plugg He is a cruel and ambitious man, who has moved up the ranks on the Harrigan’s ship rather quickly, getting to his position through loyalty and obedient hard work in just over a year. He is furious that Sandara publicly humiliated him, turning down his advance by slapping him and speakung her mind. It is right he feels that she should seek protection from the newest addition to the crew, but he is confident that when he wants his revenge against her he will get it. He hasn’t decided how he will kill her yet, whether it be through drops of poison in her sleep, a beating from potato sacks full of rocks that leave her purple and swollen, a brutal ravishing from Scourge’s cat o’nine, or 3 keelhaulings, nor whether it will be public or discreet.

Plugg has a grimace on his face at all times that mixes anger, with cold, calculating hatred, as well as painful discomfort. He seems to make his friends from only a few: Scourge, Scourge’s sychophant (the dwarf), the sorcerer, and his pet, the owlbear.

Mister Plugg

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