Rosie Cusswell


Short but fierce, Rosie Cusswell has more muscles than most of the crew, and a fouler mouth than all of them put together (apart from perhaps Riaris Krine). Like many halflings, Rosie loves food, drink, and tall tales- her years in Port Blacksand mean she has seen plenty of all three.

She had been on board 3 days when the PCs arrived and hasdalready made her mark by threatening to chop off the hand of anyone who messes with her with her beloved handaxe. She has a healthy hatred of Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge, who did not take her threats kindly. Rosie loathes the attention of Conchobhar Shortstone but secretly quite likes his style.

Athan managed to barter Rosie’s prized fiddle from Grok’s stores and returned the instrument. Since then Rosie has loudly proclaimed her friendship to Athan and his companions and stated that anyone who messes with them also messes with her. Rosie, Jasper and Mameha (with the help of Samms also) have been working on a performance piece combining Mameha’s traditional Kepician dances with music and illusions.

Female Halfling Fighter
Role: Quartermaster’s Mate

Rosie Cusswell

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