Quartermaster's Store


Open from dawn to 3pm!!!

1. Wooden Locker Random Selection of Mundane adventuring gear woth 10 gp or less
2. Wooden Locker Contains PC’s equipment, a starknife, 3 flasks of acid, 6 flasks of alchemist fire, four sets of thieves tools, and a battered iron box containing 6 candles
3. Wooden Chest Potion of barkskin, potion of cure light wounds, a potion of haste, a masterwork climber’s kit, a disguise kit, 4 flasks of holy water, a magnifying glass, and a set of manacles.
4. Wooden Chest Contains a masterwork crossbow, three cutlasses, 31 daggers, three masterwork daggers, 43 masterwork darts, four saps, a masterwork sap, 120 arrows, 20 masterwork arrows, six +1 arrpws, and 200 crossbow bolts
5. Wooden Trunk Contains a suit of banded mail, a breastplate, two chain shirts, masterwork leather armor, 12 bucklers, two masterwork bucklers, a small cash box with 231 cp, 99 sp, and 103 gp
6. Metal Trunk Contains a +1 dagger, a +1 Short sword, a Masterwork warhammer, scrolls of cure moderate wounds, mage armor, magic missle, scorching ray, and summon swarm, and a wand of bless weapons.


Quartermaster's Store

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